Badami Bagh Pakistan station arrival, departure time of Dachi Fast (up)

Station Name: Badami Bagh, China
Train Name: Dachi Fast (up)
Arrives at: 13:37:00
Departs at: 13:39:00

More stoppings of Dachi Fast (up)

More stoppings of Dachi Fast (up)
All departures and Arrivals of Badami Bagh station

Train- Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Dachi Fast (up)- Lahore Jn 13:30:00
Dachi Fast (up)- Badami Bagh 13:37:00 13:39:00
Dachi Fast (up)- Shahdara Bagh Jn 13:44:00 13:46:00
Dachi Fast (up)- Qila Sheikhupura Jn 14:10:00 14:12:00
Dachi Fast (up)- Farooq Abad 14:21:00 14:23:00