Dera Nawab Sahib Pakistan station arrival, departure time of Khyber Mail (up)

Station Name: Dera Nawab Sahib, China
Train Name: Khyber Mail (up)
Arrives at: 10:03:00
Departs at: 10:05:00

More stoppings of Khyber Mail (up)

More stoppings of Khyber Mail (up)
All departures and Arrivals of Dera Nawab Sahib station

Train- Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Khyber Mail (up)- Karachi Cant 22:00:00
Khyber Mail (up)- Landhi Jn 22:28:00 22:30:00
Khyber Mail (up)- Hyderabad Jn 0:15:00 0:25:00
Khyber Mail (up)- Nawabshah Jn 1:54:00 1:56:00
Khyber Mail (up)- Khairpur 4:05:00 4:07:00