Langowal Baruhi (halt) Pakistan station arrival, departure time of Dachi Fast (dn)

Station Name: Langowal Baruhi (halt), China
Train Name: Dachi Fast (dn)
Arrives at: 5:48:00
Departs at: 5:49:00

More stoppings of Dachi Fast (dn)

More stoppings of Dachi Fast (dn)
All departures and Arrivals of Langowal Baruhi (halt) station

Train- Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Dachi Fast (dn)- Faisalabad 4:45:00
Dachi Fast (dn)- Chak Jhumra Jn 5:03:00 5:05:00
Dachi Fast (dn)- Sahianwala 5:14:00 5:15:00
Dachi Fast (dn)- Dar Ul Ihsan 5:21:00 5:23:00
Dachi Fast (dn)- Sangla Hill Jn 5:36:00 5:38:00