Bhalwal Pakistan Station Train Time

Bhalwal is a railway station in Pakistan.
The arrival and departure timings of major trains at Bhalwal, halting time and train details that stop in this railway station in Pakistan are displayed here.

You can view the entire Bhalwal train time schedule like stoppings, arrivals, departures and halting times by clicking on the train name link.

Train Name Arrival Departure
Chenab Express (dn)- Bhalwal 19:20:00 19:21:00
Chenab Express (up)- Bhalwal 5:28:00 5:30:00
Hazara Express (dn)- Bhalwal 22:39:00 22:41:00
Lala Musa Express (dn)- Bhalwal 13:29:00 13:31:00
Mixed (dn)- Bhalwal 8:43:00 8:45:00
Mixed (up)- Bhalwal 11:48:00 11:50:00
Rohi Express (dn)- Bhalwal 21:35:00 21:37:00
Rohi Express (up)- Bhalwal 0:24:00 0:26:00
Super Express (dn)- Bhalwal 17:23:00 17:26:00
Super Express (up)- Bhalwal 10:34:00 10:37:00
Hazara Express (up)- Bhalwal 4:49:00 4:51:00
Lala Musa Express (up)- Bhalwal 15:43:00 15:45:00
Passenger (dn) Lala Musa Jn To Sargodha Jn- 5- Bhalwal 15:43:00 15:53:00
Passenger (up) Sargodha Jn To Malakwal Jn- 5- Bhalwal 18:20:00 18:22:00