Agra Fort- AF Station times

Agra Fort- AF is a railway station in India.

Agra Fort- AF Info

Staion Code: AF
Address: Near Yamuna Kinara Road , Rakabganj, Agra Fort
State: Uttar Pradesh

Elevation: 170
Zone: NCR/North Central
Division: Agra Cantt.

Agra Fort- AF arrival and departure time table

Train Name Arrival Halt Platform No.
12941- Parasnath SF Express 03:40:00 10 2
12315- Ananya Express 10:25:00 5 1
12316- Ananya Express 03:40:00 10 1
12942- Parasnath SF Express 12:25:00 5 1
19037- Avadh Express 09:45:00 10 1
19038- Avadh Express 04:00:00 10 1
19039- Avadh Express 09:45:00 10 1
19040- Avadh Express 04:00:00 10 1
12947- Azimabad Express 01:25:00 5 1
12948- Azimabad Express 12:25:00 5 1

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Agra Fort- AF Google Map
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Agra Fort- AF Connecting Stations
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Agra Fort- AF departure times
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Agra Fort- AF Arrival times
Every train departure time, halting time and platform number..

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