T282-T283- Hangzhou to Baotou China Train Time Table

T282-T283- Hangzhou to Baotou arrival, departure times and routes.

T282-T283- Hangzhou to Baotou is a Train running in China starts at Hangzhou/Hangzhou Railway Station and destines at Baotou/Baotou

The arrival and departure timings at major stations of T282-T283- Hangzhou to Baotou, halting time and train details the train stops in various railway stations in China are displayed here.

T282-T283- Hangzhou to Baotou China Train complete stoppings, schedules, halting time, distance travelled are for your reference only.
Train Name: T282-T283- Hangzhou to Baotou
Departs at: Hangzhou/Hangzhou Railway Station at 17:19
Arrives at: Baotou/Baotou at 21:28
Duration: 28:09
Distance Covered: 2331

Train Name Arrival Departure Halt Distance
T282-T283- Hangzhou Railway Station 17:1917:19 0:00
T282-T283- Haining 17:5417:59 0:3565km
T282-T283- Jiaxing 18:1518:20 0:5693km
T282-T283- Shanghai South Railway Station 19:1719:37 1:58173km
T282-T283- Suzhou Railway Station 20:4820:51 3:29271km
T282-T283- Wuxi 21:1521:18 3:56313km
T282-T283- Changzhou 21:4121:44 4:22352km
T282-T283- Zhenjiang 22:2222:25 5:03424km
T282-T283- Nanjing Railway Station 23:0523:15 5:46488km
T282-T283- Bengbu 0:520:55 7:33672km
T282-T283- Xuzhou 2:262:34 9:07836km
T282-T283- Jinan 5:445:50 12:251155km
T282-T283- Dezhou 7:057:07 13:461273km
T282-T283- Yangliuqing 8:538:55 15:341487km
T282-T283- Beijing Western Railway Station 10:2010:37 17:011640km
T282-T283- Zhangjiakou South 13:4713:52 20:281830km
T282-T283- Jining South 16:4216:48 23:232008km
T282-T283- Hohhot Railway Station 18:5919:07 25:40:002166km
T282-T283- Baotou East 21:0021:04 27:41:002315km
T282-T283- Baotou 21:2821:28 28:09:002331km