K868-K865- Tangshan to Linfen China Train Time Table

K868-K865- Tangshan to Linfen arrival, departure times and routes.

K868-K865- Tangshan to Linfen is a Train running in China starts at Tangshan/Tangshan and destines at Linfen/Linfen

The arrival and departure timings at major stations of K868-K865- Tangshan to Linfen, halting time and train details the train stops in various railway stations in China are displayed here.

K868-K865- Tangshan to Linfen China Train complete stoppings, schedules, halting time, distance travelled are for your reference only.
Train Name: K868-K865- Tangshan to Linfen
Departs at: Tangshan/Tangshan at 20:09
Arrives at: Linfen/Linfen at 12:06
Duration: 15:57
Distance Covered: 123

Train Name Arrival Departure Halt Distance
K868-K865- Tangshan 20:0920:09 0:00
K868-K865- Tanggu 20:5721:00 0:4883km
K868-K865- Tianjin 21:4021:46 1:31123km
K868-K865- Jinghai 22:2622:29 2:17176km
K868-K865- Cangzhou 23:1123:42 3:02249km
K868-K865- Botou 0:420:46 4:33288km
K868-K865- Wuqiao 1:201:34 5:11340km
K868-K865- Dezhou 1:592:17 5:50362km
K868-K865- Hengshui 3:133:22 7:04424km
K868-K865- Xinji 3:574:00 7:48471km
K868-K865- Jinzhou 4:154:17 8:06492km
K868-K865- Shijiazhuang North 5:105:29 9:01548km
K868-K865- Yangquan North 6:276:30 10:18652km
K868-K865- Taiyuan Railway Station 7:287:40 11:19773km
K868-K865- Yuci 8:018:04 11:52800km
K868-K865- Qixian 8:478:49 12:38859km
K868-K865- Pingyao Railway Station 9:049:07 12:55881km
K868-K865- Jiexiu 9:299:33 13:20912km
K868-K865- Lingshi 9:5810:19 13:49939km
K868-K865- Huozhou 10:5610:59 14:47982km
K868-K865- Hongdong 11:3611:39 15:271024km
K868-K865- Linfen 12:0612:06 15:571047km