K397-K396- Wuhan to Quanzhou China Train Time Table

K397-K396- Wuhan to Quanzhou arrival, departure times and routes.

K397-K396- Wuhan to Quanzhou is a Train running in China starts at Wuhan/Wuchang and destines at Quanzhou/Quanzhou East

The arrival and departure timings at major stations of K397-K396- Wuhan to Quanzhou, halting time and train details the train stops in various railway stations in China are displayed here.

K397-K396- Wuhan to Quanzhou China Train complete stoppings, schedules, halting time, distance travelled are for your reference only.
Train Name: K397-K396- Wuhan to Quanzhou
Departs at: Wuhan/Wuchang at 10:00
Arrives at: Quanzhou/Quanzhou East at 10:20
Duration: 24:20
Distance Covered: 883

Train Name Arrival Departure Halt Distance
K397-K396- Wuchang 10:0010:00 0:00
K397-K396- Huarong 10:5710:59 0:5756km
K397-K396- Ezhou 11:1911:21 1:1978km
K397-K396- Huangshi 11:4111:43 1:41105km
K397-K396- Yangxin 12:2712:29 2:27149km
K397-K396- Ruichang 13:0513:07 3:05210km
K397-K396- Jiujiang 13:3813:53 3:38252km
K397-K396- Nanchang 15:3015:42 5:30387km
K397-K396- Xiangtang 16:0116:04 6:01415km
K397-K396- Jinxian 16:3216:34 6:32451km
K397-K396- Dongxiang 17:0317:07 7:03490km
K397-K396- Yingtan 17:4918:06 7:49531km
K397-K396- Guixi 18:2418:26 8:24552km
K397-K396- Yiyang East 18:4918:51 8:49582km
K397-K396- Hengfeng 19:0319:05 9:03599km
K397-K396- Wuyishan 21:2621:35 11:26701km
K397-K396- Jianyang 22:4622:54 12:46753km
K397-K396- Jianou 23:3523:45 13:35799km
K397-K396- Nanping 0:360:41 14:36855km
K397-K396- Laizhou 1:231:43 15:23883km
K397-K396- Sanming 3:253:29 17:25958km
K397-K396- Yongan 4:194:41 18:191007km
K397-K396- Zhangping 6:376:48 20:371111km
K397-K396- Anxi 9:119:15 23:111240km
K397-K396- Quanzhou East 10:2010:20 24:20:001295km