K365-K364- Guangzhou to Kunming China Train Time Table

K365-K364- Guangzhou to Kunming arrival, departure times and routes.

K365-K364- Guangzhou to Kunming is a Train running in China starts at Guangzhou/Guangzhou Railway Station and destines at Kunming/Kunming

The arrival and departure timings at major stations of K365-K364- Guangzhou to Kunming, halting time and train details the train stops in various railway stations in China are displayed here.

K365-K364- Guangzhou to Kunming China Train complete stoppings, schedules, halting time, distance travelled are for your reference only.
Train Name: K365-K364- Guangzhou to Kunming
Departs at: Guangzhou/Guangzhou Railway Station at 14:02
Arrives at: Kunming/Kunming at 14:38
Duration: 24:36
Distance Covered: 689

Train Name Arrival Departure Halt Distance
K365-K364- Guangzhou Railway Station 0:0014:02 0-14:0-2
K365-K364- Fuoshan 14:3514:37 0:3322km
K365-K364- Zhaoqing 16:2416:29 2:22109km
K365-K364- Yangchun 18:1218:32 4:10246km
K365-K364- Maoming East 19:5020:09 5:48361km
K365-K364- Maoming 20:1920:28 6:17371km
K365-K364- Hechun 21:2121:25 7:19432km
K365-K364- Yulin 22:4722:55 8:45546km
K365-K364- Guigang 23:5323:58 9:51635km
K365-K364- Litang 0:461:00 10:44689km
K365-K364- Nanning 2:252:40 12:23809km
K365-K364- Baise 5:516:02 15:491043km
K365-K364- Ceheng 8:348:36 18:321219km
K365-K364- Xingyi 9:319:47 19:291293km
K365-K364- Weishe 10:2510:36 20:231329km
K365-K364- Luoping 11:3211:36 21:301402km
K365-K364- Shilin 13:0213:04 23:001526km
K365-K364- Kunming 14:3814:38 24:36:001637km