K348-K345- Wenzhou to Shenyang China Train Time Table

K348-K345- Wenzhou to Shenyang arrival, departure times and routes.

K348-K345- Wenzhou to Shenyang is a Train running in China starts at Wenzhou/Wenzhou and destines at Shenyang/Shengyang West

The arrival and departure timings at major stations of K348-K345- Wenzhou to Shenyang, halting time and train details the train stops in various railway stations in China are displayed here.

K348-K345- Wenzhou to Shenyang China Train complete stoppings, schedules, halting time, distance travelled are for your reference only.
Train Name: K348-K345- Wenzhou to Shenyang
Departs at: Wenzhou/Wenzhou at 17:50
Arrives at: Shenyang/Shengyang West at 07:43
Duration: 37:53
Distance Covered: 2687

Train Name Arrival Departure Halt Distance
K348-K345- Wenzhou 17:5017:50 0:00
K348-K345- Qingtian 18:4218:44 0:5257km
K348-K345- Lishui 20:0920:15 2:19136km
K348-K345- Jinyun 20:4720:49 2:57168km
K348-K345- Yongkang 21:3121:36 3:41201km
K348-K345- Wuyi 21:5621:58 4:06222km
K348-K345- Jinhua North 23:0023:29 5:10262km
K348-K345- Yiwu Railway Station 0:030:08 6:13310km
K348-K345- Zhuji 0:340:37 6:44362km
K348-K345- Hangzhou Railway Station 1:431:55 7:53449km
K348-K345- Deqing 2:342:37 8:44517km
K348-K345- Changxing 3:143:17 9:24575km
K348-K345- Xuancheng 4:314:34 10:41689km
K348-K345- Wuhu 5:285:34 11:38753km
K348-K345- Maanshan 6:146:19 12:24800km
K348-K345- Nanjing Railway Station 7:327:44 13:42878km
K348-K345- Chuzhou North 8:228:26 14:32935km
K348-K345- Bengbu 9:5710:07 16:071062km
K348-K345- Suzhou 11:0311:06 17:131152km
K348-K345- Xuzhou 12:0212:14 18:121226km
K348-K345- Zaozhuang West 13:1113:14 19:211294km
K348-K345- Tengzhou 13:3613:39 19:461328km
K348-K345- Yanzhou 14:2014:23 20:301389km
K348-K345- Taishan Railway Station 15:2115:24 21:311472km
K348-K345- Jinan 16:2116:31 22:311545km
K348-K345- Yancheng 17:0217:06 23:121577km
K348-K345- Yucheng 17:1917:23 23:291595km
K348-K345- Dezhou 18:2118:26 24:31:001663km
K348-K345- Botou 19:1419:17 25:24:001737km
K348-K345- Cangzhou 19:4319:46 25:53:001776km
K348-K345- Qingxian 20:0620:08 26:16:001808km
K348-K345- Jinghai 20:3420:37 26:44:001849km
K348-K345- Tianjin 21:2921:40 27:39:001902km
K348-K345- Tangshan 23:0223:05 29:12:002025km
K348-K345- Luanxian 0:120:23 30:22:002096km
K348-K345- Longjiaying 1:311:34 31:41:002195km
K348-K345- Shanhaiguan 1:471:53 31:57:002203km
K348-K345- Huludao 3:153:17 33:25:002337km
K348-K345- Jinzhou 3:564:01 34:06:002387km
K348-K345- Panjin 5:015:03 35:11:002482km
K348-K345- Haicheng 5:575:59 36:07:002559km
K348-K345- Anshan 6:256:28 36:35:002595km
K348-K345- Liaoyang 6:466:48 36:56:002620km
K348-K345- Shengyang West 7:437:43 37:53:002687km