K150- Zhanjiang to Shanghai China Train Time Table

K150- Zhanjiang to Shanghai arrival, departure times and routes.

K150- Zhanjiang to Shanghai is a Train running in China starts at Zhanjiang/Zhanjiang and destines at Shanghai/Shanghai South Railway Station

The arrival and departure timings at major stations of K150- Zhanjiang to Shanghai, halting time and train details the train stops in various railway stations in China are displayed here.

K150- Zhanjiang to Shanghai China Train complete stoppings, schedules, halting time, distance travelled are for your reference only.
Train Name: K150- Zhanjiang to Shanghai
Departs at: Zhanjiang/Zhanjiang at 22:35
Arrives at: Shanghai/Shanghai South Railway Station at 06:11
Duration: 31:36
Distance Covered: 2144

Train Name Arrival Departure Halt Distance
K150- Zhanjiang 22:3522:35 0:00
K150- Suixi 22:5622:58 0:2127km
K150- lianjiang 23:1623:18 0:4152km
K150- Hechun 23:2823:31 0:5361km
K150- Luchuan 0:220:25 1:47139km
K150- Yulin 0:591:17 2:24175km
K150- Beiliu 1:521:56 3:17200km
K150- Rongxian 2:172:20 3:42227km
K150- Cenxi 2:532:59 4:18274km
K150- Wuzhou 4:284:36 5:53354km
K150- Hezhou 6:507:09 8:15489km
K150- Zhongshan 7:267:29 8:51507km
K150- Jianghua 8:428:48 10:07585km
K150- Jiangyong 9:049:08 10:29607km
K150- Daozhou 9:249:28 10:49629km
K150- Shuangpai 10:2410:30 11:49690km
K150- Lingling 10:5011:18 12:15715km
K150- Yongzhou 11:4211:54 13:07741km
K150- Qidong 13:0413:13 14:29819km
K150- Hengyang 14:3314:44 15:58882km
K150- Zhuzhou 16:0816:20 17:331016km
K150- Liling 16:4716:49 18:121058km
K150- Pingxiang 17:1717:21 18:421097km
K150- Yichun 18:0618:08 19:311163km
K150- Xinyu 18:4818:52 20:131222km
K150- Zhangshu 19:4019:42 21:051298km
K150- Xiangtang 20:2420:34 21:491355km
K150- Yingtan 21:4821:58 23:131471km
K150- Shangrao 23:2023:24 24:45:001587km
K150- Quzhou 0:430:45 26:08:001698km
K150- Jinhua North 1:471:55 27:12:001784km
K150- Yiwu Railway Station 2:322:44 27:57:001832km
K150- Zhuji 3:103:12 28:35:001884km
K150- Hangzhou South 3:513:57 29:16:001956km
K150- Jiaxing 5:045:07 30:29:002064km
K150- Shanghai South Railway Station 6:116:11 31:36:002144km