6232- Xiangfang to Wuchang China Train Time Table

6232- Xiangfang to Wuchang arrival, departure times and routes.

6232- Xiangfang to Wuchang is a Train running in China starts at Xiangfang/Xiangfang and destines at Wuchang/Wuchang

The arrival and departure timings at major stations of 6232- Xiangfang to Wuchang, halting time and train details the train stops in various railway stations in China are displayed here.

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Train Name: 6232- Xiangfang to Wuchang
Departs at: Xiangfang/Xiangfang at 08:00
Arrives at: Wuchang/Wuchang at 10:51
Duration: 02:51
Distance Covered: 108

Train Name Arrival Departure Halt Distance
6232- Xiangfang 8:008:00 0:00
6232- Sunjia 8:108:12 0:105km
6232- Pingfang 8:358:41 0:3518km
6232- Zhoujia 8:578:59 0:5734km
6232- Niujia 9:129:19 1:1248km
6232- Lalin 9:399:44 1:3966km
6232- Beiyinhe 9:559:56 1:5577km
6232- Anjia 10:1710:32 2:1792km
6232- Wuchang 10:5110:51 2:51108km