Beijing Railway Station China station arrival, departure time of T63- Beijing to Hefei

Station Name: Beijing Railway Station, China
Train Name: T63- Beijing to Hefei
Arrives at: 0:00
Departs at: 21:47
Duration/Halt: 0-21:0-47

Distance Covered:
City Name: Beijing, China
Cost of hard Seat:
Cost of soft Seat:
Cost of hard/soft Sleeper:

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All departures and Arrivals of Beijing Railway Station station

Train- Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Time
T63- Beijing Railway Station 0:00 21:47 0-21:0-47
T63- Yangliuqing 23:16 23:18 1:29 163km
T63- Xuzhou 5:05 5:19 7:18 814km
T63- Suzhou 6:04 6:06 8:17 888km
T63- Bengbu 6:56 7:00 9:09 978km