List of Trains in Pakistan- Page 1

List of Trains in Pakistan

The following railway trains and services are available in Pakistan for rail travel.

Akbar Express Via Fsld (dn)Lahore JnQuetta
Akbar Express Via Fsld (up)QuettaLahore Jn
Allama Iqbal Express (dn)Sialkot JnKarachi Cant
Allama Iqbal Express (up)Karachi CantSialkot Jn
Amruka Mixed (dn)Samasata JnAmruka
Amruka Mixed (up)AmrukaSamasata Jn
Attock Passenger (dn)Attock CityMari Indus
Attock Passenger (up)Mari IndusAttock City
Awam Express (dn)Peshawar CantKarachi Cant
Awam Express (up)Karachi CantPeshawar Cant
Babu Passenger (dn)Wazirabad JnLahore Jn
Babu Passenger (up)Lahore JnWazirabad Jn
Badar Express (dn)FaisalabadLahore Jn
Badar Express (up)Lahore JnFaisalabad
Badin Exress (dn)BadinKotri Jn
Badin Exress (up)Kotri JnBadin
Bahauddin Zakria Express (dn)Multan CantKarachi City
Bahauddin Zakria Express (up)Karachi CityMultan Cant
Bahawalpur Express (dn)Narowal JnSamasata Jn
Bahawalpur Express (up)Samasata JnNarowal Jn
Bolan Mail (dn)QuettaKarachi City
Bolan Mail (up)Karachi CityQuetta
Chaman Mixed (dn)ChmanQuetta
Chaman Mixed (up)QuettaChman
Chenab Express (dn)Lala Musa JnSargodha Jn
Chenab Express (up)Sargodha JnLala Musa Jn
Chotiari Mixed (dn)Mirpur Khas JnKotri Jn
Chotiari Mixed (up)Hyderabad JnMirpur Khas Jn
Dachi Fast (dn)FaisalabadLahore Jn
Dachi Fast (up)Lahore JnFaisalabad
Faisal Express (dn)FaisalabadLahore Jn
Faisal Express (up)Lahore JnFaisalabad
Faisalabad - Wazirabad Jn Fast (up)FaisalabadWazirabad Jn
Faisalabad - Wazirabad Jn Fast 2 (dn)FaisalabadLahore Jn
Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger (dn)Narowal JnLahore Jn
Faiz Ahmed Faiz Passenger (up)Lahore JnNarowal Jn
Fareed Express (via Samasata) (dn)Lahore JnKarachi City
Fareed Express (via Samasata) (up)Karachi CityLahore Jn
Ghouri Express (dn)FaisalabadLahore Jn
Ghouri Express (up)Lahore JnFaisalabad
Hashim Shah Passenger (dn)Narowal JnLahore Jn
Hashim Shah Passenger (up)Lahore JnNarowal Jn
Hazara Express (dn)HavelianKarachi City
Hazara Express (up)Karachi CityHavelian
Hyderabad Express (dn)Mirpur Khas JnHyderabad Jn
Hyderabad Express (up)Hyderabad JnMirpur Khas Jn
Islamabad Express (dn)IslamabadLahore Cantt.
Islamabad Express (up)Lahore CanttRawalpindi
Jaffar Express (dn)RawalpindiQuetta
Jaffar Express (up)QuettaRawalpindi