List of Trains in China- Page 1

List of Trains in China

The following railway trains and services are available in China for rail travel.

1043- Xi'an to KuitunXi'an Railway StationKuitun
1044- Kuitun to Xi'anKuitunXi'an Railway Station
1051- Tianjin to QiqiharTianjinQiqihar
1052- Qiqihar to TianjinQiqiharTianjin
1085- Jinan to UrumqiJinanUrumqi
1086- Urumqi to JinanUrumqiJinan
1095- Taiyuan to LanzhouTaiyuan Railway StationLanzhou
1096- Lanzhou to TaiyuanLanzhouTaiyuan Railway Station
1112-1113- Qingdao to JianghanQingdao Railway StationHankou
1114-1111- Jianghan to QingdaoHankouQingdao Railway Station
1134-1135- Wuda to TianjinWuhai WestTianjin
1136-1133- Tianjin to WudaTianjinWuhai West
1148-1149- Baoji to LianyungangBaojiLianyungang East
1150-1147- Lianyungang to BaojiLianyungang EastBaoji
1152-1153- Xi'an to HangzhouXi'an Railway StationHangzhou Railway Station
1154-1151- Hangzhou to Xi'anHangzhou Railway StationXi'an Railway Station
1161- Jinan to Xi'anJinanXi'an Railway Station
1162- Xi'an to JinanXi'an Railway StationJinan
1163- Beijing to PuchengBeijing Western Railway StationHancheng
1164- Pucheng to BeijingHanchengBeijing Western Railway Station
1165-1168- Taiyuan to YichangTaiyuan Railway StationYichang East Railway Station
1166-1167- Yichang to TaiyuanYichang East Railway StationTaiyuan Railway Station
1172-1173- Taiyuan to HarbinTaiyuan Railway StationHarbin Railway Station
1174-1171- Harbin to TaiyuanHarbin Railway StationTaiyuan Railway Station
1202-1203- Shihe to ShenzhenXinyangShenzhen West
1204- Shenzhen to ShiheShenzhen WestXinyang
1216-1217- Fuzhou to Xi'anFuzhouXi'an Railway Station
1218-1215- Xi'an to FuzhouXi'an Railway StationFuzhou
1228-1229- Shanghai to FuxinShanghai Railway StationFuxin
1230-1227- Fuxin to ShanghaiFuxinShanghai Railway Station
1232-1233- Guangzhou to NanningGuangzhou East StationNanning
1234-1231- Nanning to GuangzhouNanningGuangzhou East Station
1235- Nanchang to KunmingNanchangKunming
1236- Kunming to NanchangKunmingNanchang
1257- Xiangyang to KunmingXiangyangKunming
1258- Kunming to XiangyangKunmingXiangyang
1281- Jinan to ShenzhenJinanShenzhen West
1282- Shenzhen to JinanShenzhen WestJinan
1301- Beijing to HailarBeijing Railway StationManzhouli Railway Station
1302- Hailar to BeijingManzhouli Railway StationBeijing Railway Station
1303- Beijing to ZhengzhouBeijing Western Railway StationZhengzhou Railway Station
1304- Zhengzhou to BeijingZhengzhou Railway StationBeijing Western Railway Station
1342-1343- Hangzhou to QiqiharHangzhou Railway StationQiqihar
1344-1341- Qiqihar to HangzhouQiqiharHangzhou Railway Station
1416-1417- Heze to HarbinHezeHarbin Railway Station
1418-1415- Harbin to JinanHarbin Railway StationJinan
1450-1451- Rizhao to MudanjiangRizhaoMudanjiang
1452-1449- Mudanjiang to RizhaoMudanjiangRizhao
1453- Beijing to NanchangBeijing Western Railway StationNanchang
1454- Nanchang to BeijingNanchangBeijing Western Railway Station